It’s Time for a New Approach to Auto-FNOL

In theory, FNOL tools enable insurers to find out about car accidents in real-time. But the reality is that only 3% of drivers are actually using them. There are lots of reasons for the rock-bottom adoption rate; current FNOL solutions intrude on drivers’ privacy, they create friction, they certainly don't offer anything for the driver in return, and more. 

Imagine if you could…

  • Learn about accidents in real-time
  • Get wide access to 91% of accident data
  • Give your drivers exceptional customer experiences

With MDGO ADR (Accident Detection and Response), you can reduce claim costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Download our new eBook, “Addressing the Adoption Challenge" now,   to learn how to get the auto-FNOL and influence the claim costs.